Shifter Booster Kit (Monthly Subscription Available - Free Shipping Optional)

Shifter Booster Kit (Monthly Subscription Available - Free Shipping Optional)

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+11 Synchronicity
+9 Compassion
+ 9 Courage
+ 6 Alignment 

Shifter Booster Kits are created to give Shifters quick access to valuable consciousness shifting tools to assist them on their journey. You have the option to contribute an amount of your choice to receive a Shifter Booster Kit of relative size! Sign up for a monthly subscription and automatically get restocked with a new selection of Shift Buttons to use where you are to build community, make friends, plant seeds, and accelerate the shift!

$25 = 3 signs, 20 buttons
$30 = 4 signs, 25 buttons
$35 = 5 signs, 30 buttons
$40 = 6 signs, 35 buttons
$45 = 7 signs, 40 buttons
$50 = 8 signs, 50 buttons

To customize your order to a way that works best for you, you can also order your kit with Free Shipping by using the discount code FREESHIPPING at checkout. This way for example your monthly subscription can be just $25 if that is what works best for you. $9.99 will be deducted from your total.

In addition to this option Shifters also have the option of getting a Full Shifter Booster Kit which includes the Light Guardian Crystal and more by joining the Team Patreon with a monthly subscription of just $5US. Want to do that? >Click Here. If you combine the Patreon Subscription with the Monthly Kit Subscription than you will boost every monthly kit you get with Bonus Shift Buttons! 

Learn more about how to use your Free Hugs combined with Shift Buttons to hack the matrix with love where you are!